The first “India Quilt Festival”


See you in Chennai 25-27 January 2019 for the India Quilt Festival.
The festival will showcase an International Quilt Show, Workshops and Lectures from Expert Quilters and researchers, Textile Tours, Curated Special Exhibits from across the World, Artisans from various parts of India and lots of Shopping Opportunities for lovers of Textile Art.

I will present a lecture on “A Passion for Quilting – The Untold Story.” Also…

Quilts of India: Collected by Patrick Finn

In honor of the first India Quilt Festival, Patrick J. Finn has assembled eleven historic quilts representing the breadth and diversity of the Quilts of India. Spanning 100 years, these quilts display a variety of techniques and styles. The artistry and expertise exemplify the quality of the quilt-makers’ art. Patrick authored two quilt books: Quilts of India: Timeless Textiles and Quilt Field Guide with a third due in late 2019: Quilts Story: The Cultural Heritage. He is an Affiliate of the American Institute of Indian studies and worked as an Indian Research Consultant for IQSC&M.

Also a surprise presentation…


Quilt Field Guide for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan


This field guide is a tool designed to help readers identify many of quilting genres of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. It is intended for quilters, scholars, textile experts and aficionados. Because of the diverse quilting styles on the subcontinent, this guide is a work in progress and more genres will be added in future editions as they are discovered.

The remarkable, yet often overlooked, quilts of the subcontinent are an inspiration; the colors, shapes and textures are as varied as the people who create them. The quilts provide a means to consider the indigenous cultural heritage, history and religion of the region.